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A Shocking Discovery

I grew up thinking that as soon as my life got easier, I would be happy.

Then at 25 I discovered something SHOCKING
the happiest people I knew had more problems than me.

That made no sense!

But maybe you have noticed the same thing… that the most joyful people you know have suffered disappointment and tragedy. They’ve come through cancer, they’ve gone broke, they’ve lost loved ones way too soon.

Notice joyful people.
They aren’t joyful because they’ve had an easy life.

They are joyful because at some point they decided
that “happy is the only way to live.”  See my video about this.

Being Happy

Is anything more important than being happy?

If you give up on a job, if you give up on a relationship you will survive.

We adapt.

But if you give up on being happy?

That is a tragedy!

If you are miserable, what else matters?

So let’s get serious about being happy!

Here is the good news:

We can learn from happy people, and do more of what they do, think how they think.

Life gets better.

We postpone happiness…

Take Mary for example.

Mary waited a year to go on vacation.
She counted the days.

Now she’s at the airport. She tells herself, “I’ll be happy when I’m on the plane!”

On the plane: “I’ll be happy when I get to the hotel.”

At the hotel: “I’ll be happy when it stops raining.”

Finally, “I’ll be happy to go home.”

It’s the happiness trap.

I’ll be happy when… See my video with cartoons.

So it’s not about where you are…

Did you ever see angry people go on vacation?
They are still angry… in planes, in restaurants, at the beach!

It’s not where you are that matters.
It’s how you think. See my little video.

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