5 Things Successful People Do

You had two friends in school…  Barry was the straight-A student who seemed bound for glory and Mary was the battler who flunked first-year Economics. Ten years later you discover that Mary is a multi-millionaire.  She runs her own company and travels the world. Meanwhile Barry is stuck in the same boring job he got […]

3 Critical Mistakes Conference Organizers Make Setting Up a Room

3 Critical Mistakes Conference Organizers Make Setting Up a Room You can spend a year planning a conference and ruin it with some poor decisions.  What critical mistakes do conference organizers make setting up a room? #3 Choosing a Room that Is Too Big Imagine having a party for ten friends in a hotel ballroom. The chandeliers are […]

How to Hire a Keynote Speaker – Your Questions Answered

How to Hire a Keynote Speaker. It’s your turn to organize a conference. You wonder, “How much do conference speakers charge? Do I need a booking agent? Who pays for travel and accommodation? Do I need a contract? What class of travel and hotel?” Here’s some help … What is a professional speakers’ fee for a one-hour keynote speech? Here’s […]

5 Mistakes Event Organizers Make Booking Keynote Speakers

A few simple decisions can make or break your conference – regardless of your budget. What are 5 mistakes event organizers make? Mistake #5 in Booking Keynote Speakers: Booking Speakers Too Late In-demand speakers fill their calendars up to a year ahead. If you start choosing keynote speakers a few months before your event, you may miss out. Solution: Book your speakers as […]

5 Tips to Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Feeling depressed or disappointed? Drowning in negative thoughts? Before drugs, try these simple strategies. Does this ever happen to you? You have one slightly negative thought, “I’m short of cash this week”. This leads to another negative thought … “It’s because I’m underpaid at work“… and another … “and I’m underappreciated at home” … followed by … “tonight I’ll […]

5 Happiness Tips Anyone Can Use

Happy people don’t have less problems. They think differently. Is this typical?  You are a month behind in your rent and your credit cards are maxed out.  Your boss wants more results, your twelve-year-old wants to leave home and your Dad won’t stop telling you that you should have been an accountant. And you have a migraine. […]

5 Tips for More Peace of Mind

Is This Typical? You’ve got doctor’s bills, school fees and rent to pay.  Your boss wants more results, your brother-in-law wants you to help him shift house and your twelve-year-old wants a tattoo. Everyone wants your time and money. And your mother won’t quit telling you that you married an idiot. 5 Tips for More […]

“I Hate My Job! Should I Quit?”

Here are two reasons you may hate your job: the workplace is toxic the work is boring. A Toxic Workplace If you are being bullied or abused at work and you see no way to change things, you need to get out. If the workplace is poisonous, it is destroying you. Better to work anywhere […]

The Most Important Thing You Were Never Taught in School

How often does this happen? You are leaving for work and you tell yourself, “Don’t forget your phone!” What happens? You leave it on the kitchen table. OR … You are on the golf green. It’s a simple putt. You tell yourself, “DON’T screw it up!” What happens? OR … You drive an old wreck for ten years and […]

5 Ways to Begin a Speech

Public Speaking Tips, Part 1: Imagine you’re at a conference. The guest speaker arrives onstage and begins with: a quote we’ve all heard a dull definition, e.g.: “The Oxford Dictionary defines management as …” or a thank you… “Thank you for having me.” Would you be excited? NO! Your Next Speech People want to hear something fresh. Do […]