Happiness in a Nutshell #74 - The POWER of ACCEPTANCE September 19 2016

 Happiness in a Nutshell #74



Lots of people admire those Hollywood stars with “perfect” faces and “sculpted” bodies.

I admire Danny DeVito. Four feet ten inches tall and bald! (That’s 1.47 metres.)

He’s an actor, he’s a producer, he’s a director, he’s funny. He’s an inspiration!

Imagine Danny DeVito’s career if he had been angry or bitter. There would be no career!

When I started high school, I was also tiny. The big kids used to pick me up and throw me over the fence! This continued for several years.

I hated being small.

My Mom tried to explain to me that there are some things in life you can change and some you can’t. She said, “Learn to accept what you can’t change and go to work on the rest.”

And guess what I have discovered … happy and successful people all seem to know about my Mom’s advice.

The Good News:

Here is the good news: most things about yourself you can change …

It’s hard to change your height.

But you can change your habits.

You can change how you think about yourself.

You can change what you say about yourself.

You can change what you eat.

You can develop your skills.

You can improve your relationships.

You can change your saving habits.

You can change your friends.

And you can change your attitude.

You are a human being! You are not a tree!

For more about accepting what you can’t change and improving what you can, listen to my latest Being Happy! Podcast #5: The Power of Acceptance.

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