Happiness In a Nutshell - Newsletter #66 - The Key to Happiness November 28 2014, 3 Comments

Happiness in a Nutshell Cartoon

The Key to Happiness

What is the difference between HAPPY people and UNHAPPY people? Do happy people make more money? Are happy people thinner - or smarter? The big difference between happy people and unhappy people is...

  • HAPPY people celebrate what they have.
  • UNHAPPY people focus on what’s missing.

You say, “So do happy people wake up every morning and count their blessings?” Lots do!

Why am I the lucky one cartoon by Andrew Matthews

Let’s say that you have:

  • ungrateful children
  • colleagues who do less than they could
  • a husband who does less than he should
  • neighbors who play loud music at 3am

You say, “How can I be happy?” It’s in the questions you ask yourself, for example:

  • What do I LIKE about my neighbors?
  • What do I LIKE about my job?
  • What do I LIKE about my husband?
  • What is one GOOD THING that happened today?

We FIND in life what we LOOK for. Happiness is really a choice – and it becomes a habit.

In a Nutshell

Average people say, “When I’m happy then I’ll be grateful.” Joyful people say, “When I’m grateful, then I’ll be happy.”

Facebook Favorite

Usually I spend hours on a cartoon to get it just how I want it. I paint with beautiful sable brushes on watercolor paper. Last month I was having breakfast at an airport hotel when I had an idea for a cartoon. I borrowed a pen and paper from reception, scribbled a drawing in a few minutes and posted it on Facebook.

This is it:

Happy people focus on what they have, unhappy people focus on what's missing - cartoon by Andrew Matthews

It went viral – 3.6 million views and 42,000 shares. You never know when a simple idea will connect with people! Join me on Facebook! Andrew Matthews – Author.


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International News

  • SINGAPORE: How Life Works has been on the Straits Times bestseller list for 26 weeks now. Thank you to all of you who have been keeping it there!
  • THE PHILIPPINES: How Life Works is now in National Bookstores across the country.
  • UK: Release date for How Life Works: March 1, 2015
  • AUSTRALIA: Due for release in early 2015.

How Life Works: Amazon Kindle Readers’ Comments

How Life Works Cover by Andrew Matthews

How Life Works has a great way of making life easy.”
C. Quin – 25 Oct ‘14

“Love it. A life changing book. Will make you see life differently.”
ReDClaw77 – 22 Sept ‘14

“An absolute joy to read. Every single word spoke to me.”
Rawan – 11 Oct ‘14

E-Books AND Hardcopies

If you are not in Singapore, Malaysia or The Philippines, How Life Works is available from my website in e-book and hardcopy: www.andrewmatthews.com

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“Love your audio books! I am stuck in a car for hours a day. They are changing my life.”
Sally, aol.com – 10 Nov ‘14

  • Do you spend time in traffic – or at the gym?
  • Do you sometimes lie awake at night?

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