Happiness In a Nutshell - Newsletter #67- Growing or Shrinking December 14 2014, 4 Comments

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So often, we expect more of our children than we do of ourselves!

We ask ten-year-old Johnny, “What do you know this year that you didn’t know last year?”

We explain to Johnny, “You must make reasonable progress.”

Report Meme by Andrew Matthews

Maybe we need Johnny to be asking US the same question:

  • “Mom, what do YOU know this year that you didn’t know last year?”
  • “Dad, what did YOU achieve in 2014?”

Peter Manuel was the principal at my old school, Victor Harbor High. Aged 18, Peter decided to learn a new skill each year of his life.

He learned carpentry, pottery, tried drama, painted watercolors, learned some German, studied plastics, learned to lay bricks …

Says Peter: "That decision changed my life. At some things, like piano, I was terrible - but I had fun trying!"

  • What new skill would you like to learn?
  • What simple goal could change your 2015?

In a Nutshell

We are either growing or we are shrinking.

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International News

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  • RUSSIA: How Life Works will be published in 2015 by Eksmo

How Life Works

How Life Works Cover by Andrew Matthews

I have spent 30 years trying to figure out WHY people succeed.

It’s not just education, it’s not who you know and it’s not luck. So what is the secret?

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Karen from New Zealand wrote:

“Great tips … awesome advice that sets a great path forward. This rocks. So will you. It’s all here. Love it. :)”
Karen Jane Nuttall Pike, AUCKLAND.

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