5 Ways to Begin a Speech


Public Speaking Tips, Part 1: Imagine you’re at a conference. The guest speaker arrives onstage and begins with: a quote we’ve all heard a dull definition, e.g.: “The Oxford Dictionary defines management as …” or a thank you… “Thank you for having me.” Would you be excited? NO! Your Next Speech People want to hear something fresh. Do […]

Little Words, Big Impact: Public Speaking Tips, Part 2

How to Write a Speech

Public Speaking Tips, Part 2: Recall some famous movie lines… “I’ll have what she’s having!” “Show me the money!” “Make my day!” Small words, short phrases. They grab you. The Terminator said, “I’ll be back.” He didn’t say, “I’ll return in the not too distant future.” Why do we hate political speeches? Too many big words that […]

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