Session #5: The Power of Acceptance

The Power of Acceptance

When you fight life, life always wins! The first step toward the life you want is accepting where you are. Find out why! The BEING HAPPY PODCAST #005 In this episode you will learn About John, who lost his house, his business, his fancy cars and more – and is now happier than he has […]

Session #4: Dealing with Disasters

Dealing With Disasters

We think we know what is good for us. We think we know what is good for other people! But do we? So often, what we thought was a very bad thing, turns out to be a good thing! In this podcast we take a fresh look at things we call “disasters”. In this episode […]

Session #1: Can You Choose Happiness?

Can You Choose Happiness

Can you choose happiness? How do we find peace of mind? Andrew Matthews tells the story behind his international bestseller BEING HAPPY! and shares the one most important step to happiness. In this episode you will learn: Why you have more control over your happiness than you may have thought The story of Felicity Johnson – and how […]

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