I Hate My Job Should I Quit

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“I Hate My Job! Should I Quit?”

Here are two reasons you may hate your job:

  • the workplace is toxic
  • the work is boring.

A Toxic Workplace

If you are being bullied or abused at work and you see no way to change things, you need to get out.

If the workplace is poisonous, it is destroying you.I hate my job. Should I quit?

Better to work anywhere else for less money!

When you set standards about where you work and who you mix with, life gets better.

“My Job is Boring!”

Mostly, it is not that our workplace is terrible – it’s just that we feel stuck.

If you are frustrated or unhappy at work – whether you’re a chicken-plucker or a brain surgeon, your best strategy is …

Give It All You’ve Got

The key to enjoying your work is to DO IT THE BEST YOU CAN.

You say, “But my colleagues don’t do their best!” That’s not your problem.

You say, “But I’m underpaid.” That is irrelevant.

You say, “My boss never notices my good work.” That’s not uncommon.

You say, “Well, this job is only temporary. I am planning to quit in 6 months.”

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to leave tomorrow. The only way to feel good about yourself TODAY is to do your best TODAY.

You know that already.

Remember back to when you were nine years old…  how good you felt when you had done all your homework and done it the best you could.

It is the same valium brand online today. It doesn’t matter whether you are nine or sixty-nine.

Miserable people do as little as possible – as if conserving their energy will somehow make them happier. It doesn’t work.

You do your best at work because it makes YOU HAPPIER. It’s about self-respect.

Teachers, parents, bosses tell us to do our best—but we don’t do our best for them. We do our best for us. 

You say, “But it is so repetitious! Should I quit?”

Every job is repetitious.

If you’re a doctor, you see sick people every day. Repetition.

If you are Roger Federer, you hit tennis balls every day. You hit balls, they come back. Repetition.

A New Attitude

How do you deal with repetition? You get up every morning and say, “Today, I am going find a way to be more effective, more creative, more caring, better than I was yesterday – and I’m going to enjoy it.”

People who love their work are simply trying to be better every day.

Sometimes we don’t need a change of JOB. What we need is a change of ATTITUDE.

In a Nutshell

Happiness comes from doing your best at whatever is in front of you.
I hate my job should I quit


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