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Popular motivational speaker in Melbourne, Andrew Matthews empowers audiences in 25 countries to enjoy their life and work.

Andrew’s clients include HSBC, Shell, Toshiba, McDonald’s, Pfizer, Lenovo, Walmart and Honda.

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Popular motivational speaker, Andrew Matthews empowers audiences in 30 countries to enjoy their life and work. Andrew’s clients include HSBC, Shell, Toshiba, McDonald’s, Pfizer, Lenovo, Walmart, Honda, APEC.

Andrew shares his message with CEOs, middle-management, and sales teams. He is a regular speaker in universities and high schools – and even in prisons. Why is Andrew Matthews so popular at corporate conferences? Andrew brings the same wit and wisdom to the stage that have made his books bestsellers in 70 countries.

Internationally Renowned   

Keynote Speaker

Australian-based, Andrew has addressed over 1,000 international corporations worldwide, from Bangkok to Dubai, from Chicago to Kuala Lumpur.  Andrew speaks to global conventions of salespeople, people in business worlds and travel agents, bankers, and brain surgeons, young people, thought leaders. He shares strategies with educators and entrepreneurs. Andrew is a regular keynote speaker and celebrity speaker to the government in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia. In Japan, Mexico, and South Korea. He presents with the help of interpreters. If anyone knows how to deliver a keynote speech that informs and entertains, it’s Andrew Matthews.

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Andrew is the only motivational speaker in the world who draws cartoons as he speaks! The same cartoons that make Andrew’s message so popular in his books and on social media give life to his onstage presentations. It’s why the bestselling self-help, positive change, personal development, decision-making author is a popular choice as an after-dinner speaker.

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The incredible story and Years before most inspirational speakers were talking about happiness, Andrew Matthews wrote “Being Happy!” It has sold over 3 million copies and continues to be popular around the world. Happiness remains a focus of his keynote speeches. Says Matthews, “The MYTH is that success makes you happy. The FACT is that happiness makes you successful!” He explains, “Workplace studies show that happy employees work harder, solve problems faster and sell 57% more product – meaning happy companies make more money!” Corporations are getting the message… happiness matters! It’s why Andrew Matthews is in such demand as a motivational speaker. Andrew tailors his motivational presentations to each audience, to all industries and demographics. Andrew’s keynote presentations cover leadership, team building, personal health, and happiness, enjoying work, and embracing


Andrew’s Melbourne clients include:

Honda AMP Garrisons, The Financial Planners Association, The Australian Franchising Conference, The Australian Institute of Financial Services. The Commonwealth Bank, The Meeting Planners Conference

A Global Audience

Andrew is the best speaker to educate and talk, connect to all sorts of people in society whether it be an event of or career workshops. Book Andrew for your next speaking event to achieve motivate en-power whether it be in the country or international or virtual events he will speak to your organisation about a matter of topics, professional, the future, history and so you can achieve more than the past and enrich your lives. He will highlight and connect with stories from the past, stories we all can relate to through his advanced gift of communication. Captivating audiences with his art presentations being a must-see of all award-winning celebrity speakers and keynote speakers. Andrew will have spoken in some way to all attendees whether they receive education to embrace their growing confidence or a positive change, to think of new and bigger ideas to a changed perspective, inspiration. Andrew can talk in conferences, virtual events presentations, workshops, educational settings, corporations, business startups, social enterprise, business worlds. communities in the country or around the world. Andrew is one of Australia’s keynote speakers, popular motivational speaker, is the best speaker to for event because:

life experience and wisdom


Advanced communication and engaging audiences with his art cartoons

leadership, business, and spoken professional presentations

Inspiration stories and where anyone can achieve happiness

One of the best in the world most Life-changing and entertaining celebrity speakers.

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Andrew Matthews’ ideas have been featured in the world’s leading newspapers and magazines – from the Chicago Tribune to the Sydney Morning Herald – on CNN and the BBC. Andrew has a large social media following on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, plus a popular podcast. He has also created online courses. Do you need a motivational speaker with an inspiring message, an international reputation, and the skills to entertain ANY audience? Hand the mike to one of Melbourne’s most popular motivational speaker, Andrew Matthews.

Award-winning Leadership

Matthews’ business motivational speaking and keynote events inspire readers like myself who are looking for ways to increase our own levels of happiness while also providing expert knowledge about one the thing we can do every day without fail – enjoy life! Motivational speakers are great to bring people and companies together, To learn more about our services or speak with one of our representatives today, click this link: Contact

As well as being an infamous guest speaker who will leave your audience asking for more! He actually serves a great purpose of not only entertaining the crowd but getting the core messages across to help sales teams, the management or CEOs get the best out of themselves which translates into a happier and healthier work environment. A big focus of Andrew Matthews’ messages is happiness. Because that’s what we are all after right? Yes, we also do want fulfillment in life. We want love, success, and a sense of purpose which we believe will lead us to happiness. Andrew Matthews, one of the best motivational speakers of our time which you can book in person or online communications for your corporate or motivational speakers event. Andrew can be on your list of motivational speakers or making an appearance at his own must-see motivational event and has presented a keynote in most industries including entertainment, health, corporate, and innovation. He focuses on happiness and productivity in the workplace and would be a great addition to any business or corporate event. But if you want to be happy right now, we need to focus on and be grateful for what we have. Our brains are a 2 million-year-old machine that is programmed to show us what we are missing in life. If you are just focusing on the lack you have, you will never be happy, you will always be chasing the carrot. Engaging and captivating Australia’s audiences and seen all around the world and in the media a captain of industry Andrew Matthews with his pure inspiration for individuals woman and men CEO’s decision-makers thinkers Australia and the world. The best-selling author in the business of making you happy.

Melbourne Victoria Australia at your company event or conference or sumit. Andrew is engaging men and women alike, both speaking on personnel

issues, world events, health and is one of Australia’s top thought leaders.

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Andrew has delivered presentations in Melbourne for:

  • HondaMelbourne Motivational Speaker Andrew Matthews photo
  • Goodyear
  • AMP
  • Garrisons
  • The Financial Planners Association
  • The Australian Franchising Conference
  • The Australian Institute of Financial Services
  • The Commonwealth Bank
  • The Meeting Planners


Melbourne Motivational Speaker

Andrew Matthews has addressed over 1,000 international corporations.

Andrew speaks to governments and APEC. 

He has spoken to over 300 schools and universities.

Andrew has shared the stage with world famous speakers like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Dr Robert Schuller, Tom Hopkins, Les Brown, Dr Jane Goodall, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Kiyosaki, Brendon Burchard and Nick Vujicic.

Do you need a speaker with an inspiring message, an international reputation and the skills to entertain ANY audience?

Hand the mike to popular motivational speaker in Melbourne, Andrew Matthews.