How long will it take for my (hardcopy) book to arrive?
99% of the time, orders ship within 24 hours of being placed, with the exception of weekends. If an order is placed over the weekend, we’ll ship first thing Monday morning via airmail. 
If you live in:
  • the US the airmail shipping time from Australia is usually about 8 working days +/- 3 days; 
  • the UK and Canada, shipping time is generally 7-10 business days. 
  • Europe, shipping time can be 3-4 weeks. 
  • To all other locations, please allow 4-6 weeks for your book to arrive.
How can I read the ebook?
When you buy an ebook, you will receive three DRM-free file formats:
  • An ePub version (great for Apple iPad’s, iPhones and Andriods etc), 
  • Mobi, (perfectly compatible with Kindles)
  • PDF version (which is fine for Adobe reader, Apple devices and Sony Reader and Nook)
Ebooks are accompanied by a readme file with instructions for installation on the more popular platforms. There are also lots of instructional videos on Youtube! Just search using a search term like: “how to read [insert file type ie. ebook] files on a [the device you want to read the book with ie. iPad]” and you’ll likely find lots of videos to help you.

If you have a device not mentioned here and aren’t sure if you can read a downloaded ePub, Mobi or PDF file on it, please get in touch with us and we’ll check to see if you’ll able to read your newly purchased book!

Again, for ePub, you can use iBooks on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and Aldiko or Cool Reader on your Android devices. (Note, however, that ePubs containing video are only supported in iBooks on iOS devices.)

Mobi works on all Kindle models, and Kindle for Mac or PC.

PDF’s can be read on Adobe Acrobat or Preview, as well as Sony Reader and Nook devices.

Where do you ship to?
We ship books worldwide with the exceptions of Russia, some parts of South America, Indonesia and Philippines, as well some areas of the Middle East. The reason for this is that airmail is too unreliable to these destinations and using a trackable service like Fedex from Australia usually costs about 3x the purchase price of the book itself!

What do you charge for shipping?
Shipping is calculated during checkout after you enter your shipping address; you will be able to review the shipping charges before placing your order in the checkout process. 
Note that we charge for shipping in line with our costs, and work to keep those costs as low as we can. International shipping prices are higher than we would like them to be, and we are looking into other options to reduce these costs — including a European and US distributor. But for now, airmail from Australia remains the most affordable way to get physical books to you around the world.

What’s my tracking number?
Unfortunately for all orders shipped via airmail from Australia, no tracking information is provided.

How do you handle international customs, taxes, or duties?
We attach the appropriate customs forms to every international shipment and clearly label the contents as “books;” many countries do not levy customs taxes on the importation of books, so in most cases, no customs fees will be applied. That said, any import taxes charged by the destination country are your responsibility. Customs policies vary widely from country to country so if you have any concerns before you order, we recommend that you contact your local customs office.

I have a shipping address with non-Latin characters. Can you ship to it?
Unfortunately, we can only accept addresses using the Latin alphabet due to the rules of our shipping partners. All non-Latin character addresses will result in the order being non-deliverable.

I ordered the ebook. When will I get it?
Shortly after your order for the ebook goes through, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your book. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away.

My dog ate my ebook files. Can I download the ebook again?
Yes, of course. Just visit this page and enter your order number and the email address used to place the order. We’ll give you a new link to download the files.

My download link expired; how can I download my ebook?
Drop us a line with your order number (or the email address used to place the order), and we’ll reset your download link.

I have a coupon code. Where do I put it?
When you checkout, you can apply your coupon code after you enter your shipping and billing information (but before you confirm your order).

What is your return policy?
Neither paperbacks nor ebooks are returnable.

Do you sell to bookstores?
We sell to bookstores on a nonreturnable basis, at a 30% discount off the retail price. The 30% discount applies to orders of 10 books or more. For details, please contact us.

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