Happiness in a Nutshell

Inside Happiness in a NutshellAndrew's bestselling pocket book, 
featuring his most famous quotes...

"Happiness in a Nutshell” features the favorite sayings of one of the world’s best selling self-help authors. Andrew Matthews’ pocket book is about better relationships, enjoying your work and finding peace of mind. Humorous and easy to read.

Over a half a million copies sold in 33 languages!


We sent 'Happiness in a Nutshell' as a gift to our daughter and son-in-law in Boise, Idaho an hour ago--a delightfully simple book, reading just one page with the Nutshell and accompanying funny cartoon gives an instant lift to my day. All I had to do was click on the `Give as a Gift' button. It was so easy, and fast. I can't wait to hear their response!


This book provides food for thought served with a large dose of laughter. Mr. Matthews shares wisdom and wit in his endeavor to explain the key to true happiness.

This little volume will put a smile on your face and inspiration in your heart.

It took me about ten minutes to read the book and it was time well spent. The advice for finding happiness is right on target and the original cartoons are just delightful.

This is the kind of book that should be read over and over again. It is a simple and effective reminder that we can be happy....if we want to be.


Andrew Matthews is one of my favorite authors. Having read Follow Your Heart, Making Friends, and Being Happy, Happiness in a Nutshell is a tiny little back pocket sized 80-page "Nutshell" synopsis of material contained in those books. Andrew is also an artist who draws funny cartoons to reinforce his points. This is a great coffee table book to read now and then to remind ourselves that we are what we think and that we can be happy if we choose to.

I recommend this book for people of all ages and nationalities. It is a great gift item. Though short it contains essential life lessons that many of us loose sight of.

Tom McGee


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