How Life Works

The runaway #1 bestseller!

How Life Works is about: 

  • why the same things keep happening to you
  • why bills come in bunches
How Life Works Illustration "Selfie" by Andrew Matthews

    It is about:

    • how to find the love of your life
    • how to find the work you love
    • why some people always fall on their feet – and how you can be like them.

    How Life Works explains why:

    • it’s not WHAT you know
    • it’s not WHO you know

    It’s all about how you FEEL.


    How Life Works is your best book yet! For me it is the missing link. I haven’t felt this good in years.

    Michael Higgins
    Brisbane, Australia

    I LOVE, LOVE this book! I understand more about my life each time I read it.

    Nicole MacSween
    Melbourne, Australia

    Easy to read and understand. I have been applying what you wrote and it really works!

    Jerome Tan

    Love, love, love this book. This is my new manual on how to live my life. Thank you!!

    Sue Edwards
    Nambour, Australia

    What I love about How Life Works is that it is so easy to understand and the concepts are supported by scientific evidence. Only one word to describe this book: “Fantastic”.

    Teuku Mahlil 

    I just finished How Life Works. It so amazing! You really put it all together and make it easy to understand.

    Ezone Constantine


    1. When Bad Things Happen
    2. What Controls Your Life?
    3. Why Do the Same Things Keep Happening to Me?”
    4. “But I Am Positive!”
    5. What is a Thought?
    6. You Get What You Feel
    7. The Law of Attraction
    8. When the Law of Attraction Fails
    9. Imagine!
    10. The World is a Mirror
    11. How Important is Action?
    12. Resistance
    13. Let Go!
    14. When Everything Goes Wrong
    15. Acceptance
    16. Forgiveness
    17. Your Miraculous Body
    18. Your Heart
    19. We Are All Connected
    20. Inspiration
    21. A Better Way to Achieve Goals
    22. A Sketch of How Life Works
    23. Be Grateful
    24. Live Now
    25. Love Yourself
    26. Why Am I Here?


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