Stop the Bullying!

Stop The Bullying Illustration by Andrew Matthews

From the author of the multi-million sellers "BEING HAPPY!" and "FOLLOW YOUR HEART", "STOP the BULLYING!" is about why bullies bully, why bullied kids don't tell their parents and how bullied kids can make a stand.

It is about how parents can help bullied children, what schools can do and how bystanders can help. It is about preventing suicide. It is about teaching kindness and respect.

"STOP the BULLYING!" is practical and easy to read. Essential advice for every parent.


STOP the BULLYING! - I loved it! Extremely helpful and an easy read. Gives numerous examples and carefully explains what works and what doesn't work. I also like that you offer examples of possible conversations between the bully and the bullied. I only wish I had this book 20+ years ago! Boy, this certainly would have changed how I handled my bullies! Absolutely spot-on.

Dr Donna Robinson
Pennsylvania, USA

STOP the BULLYING! brought tears to my eyes. This book is a wake up call to all of us to take positive action. It is the best bullying book I have read. STOP the BULLYING! is a must-read for victims, bullies, bystanders and parents.

Shahreen Kamaluddin
Personal Empowerment Training & Consulting, Malaysia

I have recommended Andrew’s books for 20 years. They are so simple and helpful. I recommend them not just to my patients but to their entire families.

Walter Kiris
Psychologist, Sydney, Australia


  1. Bullied to Death
  2. Bullying at School
  3. Bullying at Home
  4. Why bullies bully
  5. Girl Bullying
  6. Tips for Bullied Kids
  7. How can I like Myself?
  8. Not my Child!
  9. No Innocent Bystanders
  10. Loneliness Amongst Our Teens
  11. Raising Young Children
  12. Who's in Charge?
  13. Let your Children Know You Love Them
  14. What You Can Do
  15. Kindness


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