Throw Out the Junk

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Throw Out the Junk

Did you ever check into a hotel for a week? You walked into your room and it was so CLEAN and TIDY!

You felt GOOD.

Then you unpacked your stuff. You put stuff in the bathroom, stuff on the desk, stuff on the bed, you left stuff on the floor.

And every day you went shopping – and returned with MORE STUFF!

After a week of living in a mess you said, “I’ll be glad to go home!”

So what’s my point?

We feel happier – and more peaceful – in tidy spaces which means:

Throw Out the Junk

Throw Out the Junk

Create a home that will uplift you when you walk in the front door.

You can be happy living in a room – if it’s a tidy room. Neatness costs nothing.

Better to live in a one room apartment that is clean, than in a mansion that’s a mess!

A lady said to my wife, Julie: “I can’t afford to redecorate. How can I feel better about my little home?”

Julie said: “Buy a broom!”

Want to feel happier?

Get rid of outfits you don’t wear. If you haven’t worn something for two years you can live without it.

Get rid of clothes that make you feel like a loser. How can you feel like a millionaire when you have holes in your underwear and holes in your socks?

Get rid of old books, magazines, saucepans, old CD’s and tupperware with no lids … sell it on eBay, cheap viagra fast delivery give it away or junk it! You’ll be happier!

Healthy rivers flush themselves out. Trees drop old leaves and fruit.  Your body feels better when you clean it out. So does your house.

A few thoughts on cleaning out:

  • Your old clothes will never come back into fashion! By the time wide lapels are back in vogue, the fabrics are different or the colors have changed.
  • Sometimes we are reluctant to get rid of stuff because it would be admitting that we made a dumb decision to buy it in the first place. Relax! We all make silly purchases – so give it away.
  • Set small goals. Rather than say, “I’m going to clean the whole house”, aim to do one cupboard. Then tackle another cupboard. Build momentum.
  • The hardest bit is starting. Once you’ve started, it’s usually fun!

Enjoy What You Have!

If you have nice things, use them!

If you have nice wine glasses, use them! How often do we keep our beautiful dishes locked in the cupboard – and then we die and leave all the expensive stuff to the kids so they can smash it.

If you have something beautiful, enjoy it yourself! Break it yourself!

In a Nutshell

Your life is an energy system. When you throw out things you create a vacuum, and you get things moving. Notice how often new things come along to replace what you give away.

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